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Media Collaboration
All of a sudden... Unified, flexible, scalable environment for major cloud storages is framed within a single interface adjusted to the needs of photographers, editors, media managers.

Popular cloud services store files, but do not offer proper communication means.


Moving files takes too much time.


Media-content workflow is fragmented and therefore difficult to control.

Plazma optimizes media collaboration utilizing unique set of tools for communication and teamwork.

Unified interface for Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and many more.

Plazma introduces two original concepts that streamline media-content workflow and simplify its presentation:


Think of Set as a universal container for media files: images and videos*

You can fill it easily by adding files from connected cloud storages or your device.

*  Video support in Plazma 2.0

Flow is designed to organize communication around media files and to set up an access to the project on the go.

Flow is a messenger-style tool that allows to build communication around selected content and also to create presentations on the fly.

Quick view of 'heavy' files through auto-generated previews

Support of RAW, CR2, DNG, NEF

Advanced sharing and publishing settings

Easy setup of collaborators' roles within different projects

Create presentations from selection of files on the fly

Maintain and develop more projects simultaneously

Plazma is a perfect media archive.

Organize files, share and access them from any device.

Your internet connection speed doesn't matter — files are distributed as a quick yet reliable quality previews.

Plazma suits your everyday needs for media collaboration.

Perfect for freelancers: photographers, videographers, editors, designers. bloggers.

Agencies and studios
Plazma is efficient for emerging projects in various spheres: media management, advertising, content marketing, photography, design and architecture, SMM, event industry, etc.

Box solution for brands cooperating with agencies and visual content creators.
Choose Plazma that's best for you
Number of projectsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of collaboratorsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Storages connectedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of files2 00010 00020 000
Support of RAW, CR2, DNG, NEF
Video collaborationSOON
30 minutesup to 30GB of original video120 minutesup to 100GB of original video240 minutesup to 200GB of original video
Create accountFree
Free before February 2018
$9.90/month+ $7.90 for every additiional 10 000 images or 120 minutes of original video
$45/month+ $40 for every additional 20 000 images or 240 minutes of original video